DO's and DON'Ts

DO label every box with the room where the box is to be placed. Mark boxes that are fragile on all sides. For efficiency, boxes should not be moved from their original rooms.

DO leave articles such as blankets, pillows and clothing in dresser drawers. Any other items such as perfume, jewelry, photo albums should be packed into boxes for safe moving.

DO wrap your linens and towels around framed pictures that can be broken or that are fragile.

DO wrap china and all fragile objects in paper individually. Large plates and heavy pieces should be placed on the bottom of the container, on edge. Smaller plates, cups, and saucers should be placed toward the top of the container.

DO check that all bottles have their caps tightly secured to prevent spilling.

DO check to see if your appliances are compatible in your new home. You do not want to move a gas stove into an all-electric house.

DO get rid of all unnecessary items before moving. Draw a floor plan of your new home to see if all your furniture will fit.

DON'T pack any materials that are flammable, such as: hair spray, shaving cream, deodorants, insecticides, cleaning products, nail polish remover, lighter fluid, and motor oil. The inside of a closed moving van can reach 150 degrees and can cause these items to explode.

DON'T wrap items with newspaper, the ink can come off on your items. Ask us for blank newsprint.

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