Most Intrastate moves within a 50-mile radius can, normally, be completed in a single day. 

Local moves are priced by the hour: The time will start when Bert Hill arrives at the Origin address. The time will stop when the job is completed.

A Travel Fee is added to the end of every bill: based on the miles between your origin and destination addresses.

We offer Quality Service, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our service includes: 

  • Wrapping your furniture with furniture pads for protection during the move.
  • Runners to protect your floors.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of larger items.

An average room size is 12'x12' (144sq. ft.) with modest furniture (4-5 large pieces and (10-15) boxes.  It takes approximately one hour total time per average size room for the move. Half hour to load that room onto the truck and a half hour to unload that same room.

How many floors in the home, furnished heavy or light and walking distances can vary the time.

For example: A 7-room house in Springfield, MA going to a house in Westfield, MA is estimated to take 7-9 hours.

2 Bedrooms
1 Living room
1 Dinning room
1 Kitchen (even if there are no appliances being moved you must add the kitchen as a room.)
1 Basement (Basements may count as more than 1 room. Same sq. footage as a 1st. floor.)
1 Garage, attic, shed, patio furniture, kids swing set in yard... (may count as more than 1 room.)

Moving boxes are sold separately, see Box Prices. We offer a packing service for an additional charge. Contact our office for an estimate.

Basic liability comes with every move free of charge. It covers your items at $.60 per pound per item. (It does not cover Mechanical function of appliances, TV's, Piano's and Stereo equipment) We also offer Full Value Protection for a fee.

Call us at (413) 485-0050 or toll free at 800-707-1417 for current prices. We can also send a sales representative to your home and give you a free written estimate.

For information about Movers Liability - Click Here