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Moving a Hot Tub, Piano, Safe or Grandfather Clock

grandfather clock

You just bought a new hot tub, piano, safe or grandfathers clock. Now it is time to get it home. Most of the big box stores do not deliver. Some specialty stores deliver, but leave the item on your driveway. Shopping on line and buying used, usually means you will have to pick the item up yourself. These item are heavy and require experience. The last thing you need is to hurt yourself while trying to get a piano off the back of your pick up truck.

Pool Table Moving

pool table

Moving a pool table is something to save for the pro's. On average, a pool table can weigh between 500 to 1,000 lbs so it is important to know what you are doing so you won't get hurt.

Pool tables typically are made of slate. Slate tops are very heavy but they are smooth and flat, making a perfect surface for the game. A one piece slate table is easier to keep level over time, but is extremely difficult to move. A three piece slate table is the most common type of table and a good installer can make the slate nearly as perfect as a one piece slate table. Common substitutes include plywood, fiberboard, slatex, permaslate, slatron, slatine and honeycomb, but none of these alternatives offer the smooth experience and accuracy of slate.

Welcoming a New Neighbor Into Their Home

welcome neighbor

If you have ever moved, I'm sure you can remember how stressful it was. I have moved many times over the years and that moment the moving van leaves, I realize I'm really in my new home. One particular move was to a new state 2,000 miles away. The mover said good by and an overwhelming feeling of relief and panic came over me. I realized at that moment that I didn't even know where the grocery store was. I was exhausted and hungry and didn't have a clue. Having that first neighbor come over and introduce themselves was such a welcoming experience. They brought me a folder which contained some local businesses that I may need. The first business I used was for delivery pizza that night. Below are some ideas for a welcome gift.

Finding A Good Moving Company in Massachusetts

mass movers association

Moving household belongings is not something people do often, therefore, choosing a legitimate and trustworthy mover can be difficult. A large Yellow Page ad, a prominent spot on a Google search or the lowest price is too often the deciding factor in making your decision. This can be a big mistake. 

Common Question about Packing & Moving

questions resized 600

If you are planning a move, you may be getting advice from a lot of different sources: friends, coworkers and family. The best place to get your questions answered is from your moving company. Below you will find some answers to the most common questions.


10 Tips For Storage

storage unit

Storage is a great option when you have excessive items in your home. Maybe a parent is downsizing, a storage unit can keep their belongings safe until a later date. Perhaps you have sold your house but have not found a new one. What ever the case may be, below you will find valuable tips to prepare and protect your belonging in storage.

Moving Electronics


Moving electronics is a daunting task.  Many people do not know how delicate electronics are.  Dropping them and spilling liquids on them is not the only way of ruining your one of your favorite toys. 

Moving the Elderly

Elderly moving

 Whether you have an elderly grandparent, aunt, uncle, neighbor, or parent, every senior is going to need some kind of help moving and each move is going to be unique based on the situation.  If they are moving in with you or into an assisted living facility, you will need to do something with their furniture and decor.  If they are simply downsizing there will be plenty to pack,  but you will still need to help them decide what to keep. 

Packing Your Child's Room

kids in moving box[1] resized 600

Packing your kids room can be a frusturating task.  What you think is trash may be worth gold to your kids, it may be an old sweater that they can't fit into anymore or an old broken toy.

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